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EZTrader has been offered by WGM Services Ltd, based in Cyprus, since October 2008, making it one of the oldest platforms for binary options at all. The broker’s motto is “Optiontrading made easy”, which is particularly evident in the simple and clear structure of the offered trading platform. In addition, there is a very customer service available around the clock. The clearly structured app can also be traded with binary options on the go. The monthly customer magazine informs traders about current developments and gives many tips on trading with binary options. Other highlights include a comprehensive educational center with training courses, glossary, eBooks and financial calendar.

The most important facts about EZTrader at a glance:

  • Long-term experience with binary options
  • Within the EU regulated broker
  • Yields of up to 95 percent
  • Up to 15 percent loss protection possible
  • Customer service around the clock available
  • Apps for iPhone and Android to trade on the go
  • EZTrader Experience – Website
  • Good EZTrader experience with the trading platform

The trading platform shows that the broker already has many years of experience in the trading of binary options. Unlike most other binary options brokers, Eztrader relies on a self-developed trading platform. The big advantage of this is that the broker can react faster to customer requirements. As the many praise in forums shows, the majority of the traders have very good experience with the trading platform made.

EZTrader experiences – trading platform


The layout is consciously kept simple, so that beginners can immediately get along with it. It should also be noted that numerous features have been integrated with regard to market news, support and trader education. However, the trading options are very limited. There are only a few variants of the classic Call / Put options for EZTrader. On one touch options or pairs, traders do not have to. You can also try a good sportsbetters brokers like otobet

The key areas of interest at EZTrader are the additional areas such as FAQ, the financial news from Reuters and the comprehensive trader guide. The “Trader Insight” feature gives a quick insight into the average trading activities of the other traders. This may prove to be quite useful, although of course it should not be traded exclusively.

The individual features such as real-time courses are also very user-friendly. Unlike some other binary options brokers who also have One Touch and Range options in the program, no charts are provided. The financial news is structured so that it can be traced in a small window directly during the trade. Buyers of binary options are probably well aware of this. After all, it is only a question of whether a good news could lead to a price increase or vice versa.

Using the built-in SellOption, binary options can be sold before the regular run. The offer is always valid for ten seconds. This is very simple and in many cases more helpful than a complex option builder, which is not offered by EZTrader.

Particularly noteworthy is the mobile use of the trading platform. An app is offered for each smartphone and iPhone. So you can access the whole offer on the go and conveniently with the clear app of the binary options broker.

EZTrader Experiences – Mobil

Can be traded with EZTrader from an amount of 25 euros. Thus, the minimum amount in the binary options broker comparison is relatively high. For a single trade, a maximum amount of EUR 2,500 applies. It is, however, possible to place the amount on two different trading options of the same security. Traders are, for example, allowed to pay both € 2,500 on a “call” and 2500 on a “put” on the same security or any other combination that is desired.

Dieselbe Option can be acquired up to five times. Especially experienced traders know about the possibility to achieve maximum returns with multiple trading of the same option. It should be noted that the maximum bet can not be exceeded even in the case of multiple trading of the same option.

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